Pathfinder Group, Ltd.
RIAS - Returned Item
Administration System
WLFS - Warehouse Loan
Funding System
GSRS - Government
Securities Reporting
WITS ™ - Wire Transfer System
Multi-user, networked system for remote location
access using Citrix, Terminal Server or
WITS-Web branch module
USA Patriot Act Compliance:
PFG-OFAC™ screening of every wire against
the most current SDN list
PFG-FinCEN™ for matching of wire history
using the banks 314(a) request files
Wire history extracts can be created for import
into Risk Assessment systems
Unique concept for history retention that exceeds
BSA requirements
FedAdvantage file, cash management, and
international correspondent interfaces to
eliminate wire duplication and reduce manual
Automatic validation of ABA Numbers with weekly ABA
Interface to Host System for effortless CIF look up and
posting of wire and fee transactions with General
Ledger offsets
Generate customer wire notice and statement which
can be sent via secure e-mail, fax or print and mail
WITS-Otto™ module for automatic processing of
imported FedAdvantage incoming wires
Audit Activity Reporting provides complete detail of
operator activity
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